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How Do I Obtain A Cell Phone Tracer for Free?

You might think that since cell phones are little computers, and computers run software, that perhaps you can find free software to trace cell phones. There's free software for a lot of other things, why not this?

If you ended up on this page because you want to see if there is a way get a cell phone tracer for free , then the answer is, "no." Not legally anyway or without a warrant. This is a service much like being able to call on your cell phone. Unless you are paying for some type of tracking software, you cannot obtain this information for free.

It's important to realize as well that cell phone tracking inevitably involves the cell phone sending messages or calls back to some central server. That means that installing the software can affect your cell phone bill, and it means if you install it on somebody's else's phone without their permission, it can show up on their bill. If do do install software without permission that invovles spending money, not only are you guilty of criminal offenses but civil ones as well. That means, for instance, that you can both go to jail and get sued for screwing around with somebody's cell phone account and charging money without permission. Depending on the amount of the charges, you could face separate felony counts. No matter how cool it looks in the movies, it's really not something you want to do.

If you ended up on this page looking for a way to trace cell phone numbers for free, the question is a little more complicated. If you are looking for land lines there are several sites that you can go to type in the phone number and get address information for free. For cell phones, you will obtain general location information. If that is all you are looking fo then you are good to go. If you want more details (name, address), then that will cost you. Only you can decide if the knowledge of who is calling you is worth the cost.