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Free Cell Phone Tracking

Your Cell Phone Can Be Monitored, Legally!

Don't be fooled. There are lots of programs out there, lots of people advertising that they are offering free cell phone tracking. But the best you will get is the general location where the cell phone is registered. Without paying, you will not get more information and even then, it may be all the information you will get is the person's name and address. Be very wary before you fall for the "free" hook. And be careful, some may be scam sites...trying to get your financial information.

Cell Phone Monitoring

Just because you are not going to be able to go out there, plug in a cell phone number and find out where the person is that you are looking for (unless their phone is previously set up and you are paying to do that), you can still monitor what is being said on and around a cell phone and it is currently legal. This is one of the instances where the laws haven't caught up with the technology. There are programs out there that you can purchase and if you can get on the cell phone in question for just a few minutes, you can then tune into their phone conversations, text messages and even conversations going on when the cell phone is off.

For more information on how cell phone monitoring works and how you can either set it up or look for signs that it is being done to you, be sure to watch the video on this page.