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How Can I Locate My Lost Cell Phone?

Funny Video About a Lost Cell Phone

Most people have certain places they keep their cell phone. They have their charger in a certain place, they carry their phone on their person in a certain pocket or purse pocket. They are creatures of habit regarding their cell phones, however, the little devices can still get lost. Then, what is a person to do? How am I to locate my lost cell phone?

The Search is On!

  1. Don't panic! Think!
  2. Use another phone to call your cell phone. If it is near where you are you should be able to hear it (unless you had the ringer turned off or the battery is dead!
  3. Retrace your steps. When did you have it last? What did you do since then? Be sure to check under and between car seats, in sofa cushions and on the restroom floor.
  4. Call your friends that you were with. Maybe oe of them has it.
  5. Call places you have been - maybe someone found it and turned it in.
  6. If you haven't found your phone within a couple of hours, you should call your cell phone provider and let them know it is missing. They will have it shut down.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

There are ways to register your phone before it is lost. For a small fee, you can register your phone and then if it is lost or stolen at some future date, you should be able to track its location. Check into the tracking services and software that are available and decide which one is right for you.