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Track a Cell Phone Location Now

One Way to Track a Cell Phone Location Now

Teenager not where they are supposed to be? Wondering where your spouse is hanging out? Do you want to track a cell phone location now?Well, tracking their cell phone down is not a simple matter unless you are prepared before hand. If you suspect foul play, you can contact the police and they can do what they can to work with the cell phone provider to locate the missing person using the GPS locator in their cell phone. But if it isn't a 'desparate' situation, law enforcement officials may not be able to step in now.

If you have concerns about a teen who you do not believe is going where they should, one thing you can do to help authorities is to take the child's cell phone and punch in the *#06#. This will give you a 15 digit number that is like a fingerprint to that phone. Write it down. Should your teen turn up missing, that number will help the police and the cell phone company in tracking them down.

You can also invest in one of the tracking services or software programs that are available so that you will receive information about where your teen or child or spouse are at any given time. You should contact your cell phone provider for suggestions and do some research on the Internet for the lastest in cell phone tracking technology.